Got my driving license!

I finally got my driving license after 8 months(?) I took by BTT in dec 2016, FTT in jan 2017 and then proceeded with about 7 months of driving lessons. It took quite long due to my schedule and my inability to estimate distances.

The driving test was hella nerve-wracking and scary. I was so nervous I didn’t manage to start up my car properly. So embarrassing.

During the test, I made quite a few mistakes which I shouldn’t but I was surprised at myself being able to park my car properly.

But anyway, I’ve got my license!!! woohoo!!! I was so scared because my $320 was at stake…


Time flies too fast

It’s almost June.

And I haven’t done anything much.

Last week I was down with fever, flu and sore throat, my fever couldn’t subside for days and I was just drowsy and sleepy most of the time. I’ve recovered since then and 2 days ago I was told to go back to school to clear my stuff because the workroom will be undergoing revamp. It was quite heart-warming to see all my colleagues again, to feel that sense of familiarity as I stepped into the staffroom. Nevertheless, I still want to enjoy my holidays – I will be back in school soon and this will take me through the next few years so I better not say I miss going to school now.


I’m finally done with practicum.


To think 5 weeks ago I was still thinking about how to survive practicum. That period was really tough; I was struggling with the enormous workload but teachers around me said “You haven’t experienced the full load of a teacher yet.”

Week 9 was the hardest. Around Week 8-9 I was sleeping at 3am everyday and waking up at 6am (or sometimes earlier, at 5.45am when I had to head to school earlier to fight for the printer to get my worksheets printed for first period). Week 9 was hellish because I had 3 lesson obs, on top of my already crazy timetable, and I had about 120+ SS scripts to mark and 35 compos to mark and return to the students. And I had a pile of worksheets waiting for me to write a “seen” on them since Term 1.

I had no idea how I managed to survive, but life has been great (more or less) post-practicum. It’s starting to get a little boring because there is nothing much to do at home, and staying at home means having to listen to Mummy nag/scold me, asking me to tidy up my room when my room isn’t really messy tbh. (You should see my desk VS my friend’s desk in school, then you’ll know how neat I actually am.)

I’m pretty excited to embark on my new journey as a BT in Term 3 but meanwhile I’m enjoying the stress-free life that I have now.


Holidays mean free time and free time means dramas!

I’m currently hooked on Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo and Goblin. (I started on a few episodes of The Legend of the Blue Sea but the plot doesn’t attract me as much, it got kinda draggy so I stopped watching it although I liked the first few episodes.)

The trailer for Goblin was interesting, I thought it might be some thriller kind of drama (Korean thrillers are top-notch) but it turned out to be just a rom-com kind of drama. The plot doesn’t really interest me much but I love the script and the actors’ chemistry on-screen. Think Gong Yoo + Lee Dong Wook + Yook Sung Jae. With these three guys, nothing can go wrong right! Indeed, I love all the scenes when these three guys come together, Gong Yoo being the Goblin, LDW being the Grim Reaper and YSJ being the Goblin’s nephew.

Gong Yoo – how can an ahjussi be so handsome!!!!!! I feel so sinned liking a man who is older than me by 14 years old. BUT ITS GONG YOO. In contrary to his character in Train To Busan, I think he suits a comedic role pretty well! The ad-libs that GY and LDW portrayed in Goblin are really super hilarious, both of them bicker like kids and most of the time they “fight” in the most childish ways possible.

Now, on to WFKBJ, I absolutely LOVE Lee Sungkyung’s acting here. Her role as Kim Bok Joo seems so natural and all the little details about KBJ – like the way she runs, the way she eats etc…- these details are just so Kim Bok Joo! After knowing that this drama was inspired by Korean National Weightlifter Jang Miran, I fell in love with the drama even more. It makes me feel sad to think of all the “girly” stuff that Jang Miran had to give up to pursue weightlifting as a sports career and being seen not as a woman but a man due to her exceptional strength.

Overall I prefer watching WFKBJ because it’s more lighthearted (it’s like a soft and fluffy marshmallow), as compared to Goblin (more like Iced Americano… bitter and cold but good). Goblin’s OST is really perfect though. I’m still waiting for the release of some of the OSTs in the drama. Can’t wait to watch the next episode of both dramas!

Looking back – 2016

2016 has almost come to an end. This year has been filled with ups and downs but I’m thankful for the good memories.

Looking back at this year, the most memorable thing for me was teaching at CSS. I remember when I first received the letter of posting, I had to google to find out the existence of the school and the address of the school. Teaching at CSS was really enjoyable because I met lots of nice people there (there were a few whom I don’t wish to meet ever again but the people there were mostly very nice). My EL mentor and my EL students and my 2/5 kids were the loveliest people I’ve met at CSS… even till now I’m still keeping in touch with them.

Moving on from CSS, I was really thankful for being able to enrol into NIE. I knew I almost couldn’t make it for the July intake (which is the last 12month programme) but somehow god bless I was able to make it with the help of my mentors. Coming to NIE, I met lots of nice people too, the SS/EL people became my friends. I managed to plough through tons of assignments and eventually got a decent(?) – i hope – GPA (which was a +0.7 difference from my uni grades – cos my uni grades were shit). I’m nowhere near a distinction so I guess I’ll just have to maintain my credit.

At NIE, I had a great experience living in a dorm with my cousin. I had the freedom to do whatever I want, plan my own time, buy my own food, sleep at whatever time I want… but ultimately, there’s really no place like home. I moved out at the end of Nov when my NIE classes ended and that was when I felt that home is really the best place. Surprisingly (a real pleasant surprise) my mum’s temper is so much better now. I have no idea why lol. She doesn’t nag as me as much, and she’s like super nice to me now. Every morning my mum will prepare breakfast for me, I no longer have to buy my own breakfast, or settle upon a loaf of bread, or just grab some biscuits. Super grateful to my mum for cooking for me too, every meal I get to eat different food. I used to complain a lot about her food in the past, but after living in the dorm and eating almost the same food every day because I was too lazy/ too busy to walk to other hall canteens to eat, I’ve concluded that home-cooked food is the best because the menu changes everyday!

In a few days time, I’ll be travelling to Taiwan where my sister is currently studying in. Speaking of my sister, I thought I would be very bored without her. I mean I am kinda bored but I have also kinda gotten used to her not being at home. LOL. And it actually feels quite nice. Except for the fact that I have no one to hang out with during the dec hols, it’s actually quite enjoyable to be alone at home haha…

I hope that 2017 will be a peaceful one for me, and that everyone will be happy and healthy.

End of NIE Sem 1

I’ve been waiting for this day!!!!

Finally, my first semester at NIE has come to an end. Just a few weeks ago, I had the busiest time of my life, rushing through 2 assignments in 3 days, and there seemed to be a never-ending list of assignments/projects/microteaching/presentations to do! I’m glad I survived!


What life?

These few weeks have been super busy! I didn’t even know I’ll be in for this!

To think that last week was the busiest that I could be…

I slept at 4am last night this morning, trying to finish up my presentation slides, lesson plans and my TML assignment. The reason why I stayed up that late was because after 12am, I became more awake and I decided to take the chance to do more work cos I’m usually very groggy in the morning.

This week would be 10times worse ):

Wake me up when September ends

September has been really crazy so far.

On the 1st of September, my family flew to Taiwan because my sis was going for exchange at NTU. My parents tagged along and the three of them visited the tourist attractions at different areas in Taiwan. That weekend I came back from Hall and it felt quite sad because no one was at home. Of course I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted, but with all the work I had to do, I was feeling kinda emo too.

That week was crazy because I had to rush through 2 assignments, one of which was rejected by my tutor (after I spent my weekends slogging on that), and I had to re-do the entire thing and ended up staying up till 2.30am every day during that week. GESL didn’t go too well that week too, so I was really really stressed out.

Anyway, I managed to submit my assignments on time, thankfully, and sorted out some GESL issues. And on Friday, I joined the BTs for bbq and spent the long weekend sleeping at home. I knew I had a lot of deadlines coming up but, yeah, sleep is more important. I felt like I really needed this break.

Sour Candy

I’m a HUGE fan of sour things. There was once when I was working at SOTA, I went to the fruit stall in the canteen and asked the stall owner for lemon. He must have thought that I was going to put the lemon into my drink so he cut it into slices, but no actually I wanted him to cut it into wedges so that I can eat it like a slice of orange. Mmhmm.

I love sour sweets like WarHeads, but being a fan of sour things, one should know that Warheads are only sour on the surface, where the sour powder is. Beneath the sour powder is just a sugary sweet candy. So the sourness only lasts like a few seconds. No kick.

It was until my Uni friend bought me a packet of sweets from Stickys that I found the best sour candy on Earth. The candy’s called “Super Sour Suckers” and true to its name, the candies are SUPER SOUR. *warning: don’t eat too many candies at one go or you might lose your sense of taste* Those candies are REALLY SOUR it’s almost as good as drinking acid. So a note of caution here, don’t eat too many of these. But really, I loved these candies so much that I asked my friend where she bought them from so that I could buy a few more packets for myself.


Another sour candy that I would like to recommend is this Ribon Sour Lemon Candy. I bought this packet of sweets from Daiso and I’m so in love with it! While the Super Sour Suckers are rock-hard caramelised candy, these lemon candies are soft, with a sour core. In comparison to Warheads, this is of course by far better. In terms of sourness, I would say this is 0.5% less sour than the SSS, but if you like to chew on soft sweets, this would definitely be the perfect sour candy for you.

ribon sour lemon candy