Welcome to my new Blog!

Writing has never been my forte, neither do I especially like it, but I do enjoy blogging about the little snippets of life. This is my third or fourth?? personal blog; the first two having left abandoned because I have not updated for such a long time that I’ve actually forgotten the usernames.

I highly doubt anyone would read this blog (except for me, or a random stranger who has too much free time to spare) so generally I guess I’ll just be writing about whatever that comes to my mind. No themes, no fanciful vocabulary, no artsy words of expression – don’t get your hopes too high if you’re expecting me to write an essay with flowery language or post pretty pictures like you see on most blogs. As much as I enjoy art and photography, I don’t have the skills to take artistic photos and neither do I have artistic things around me to take artistic photos of… *cue sad music*

This being the first post makes me wanna introduce myself properly – like a little kid introducing herself on the first day of school.

So… what should I say about myself…

I have a “dao” face. That cold, unfriendly face that makes you have second thoughts about approaching me and befriending me.

I’m actually quite cold lol…. It really depends on my mood. If someone with a friendly and bubbly personality talks to me, I’ll respond in the same way. However, I do have a very keen sense of “detecting” if someone is a “faker” or two-faced person, so I tend to put on that “cold” expression as I try to be on my guard against that person. But this happens only to fakers. If you treat me genuinely well, I’ll treat you really really really (x1000) well too.

I’m an art lover. Occasionally, you would see me posting some drawings in my instagram account. Most of the time, I show my drawings to my mom but all she says is “Wow. Nice.” – in a monotonous way that I wonder if she even took a look at my drawings before commenting. Anyway, she doesn’t really appreciate art or know anything about art but my ability to draw should be credited to my parents, because they sent me to art class from 4-8 years old. I won my first art competition when I was in Nursery *call me an art prodigy* LOL…. Subsequently, I took part in various art competitions and won several trophies – all art-related competitions. I stopped taking art lessons when I was 8 and took up abacus and piano classes instead. Abacus was pretty stressful and I was the youngest candidate sitting for the Grade 1 (highest grade if I’m not wrong…) but it was way too challenging for a girl at my age, so I didn’t quite enjoy it. Piano didn’t work well for me either, because 8 years old is a rather old age to start learning piano… most kids start learning when they’re 4 or 5.

So as I have mentioned in my ABOUT page in this blog, I’m a fan of korean music, more specifically Kpop and Korean Indie. For Kpop, I listen to almost all boy groups (girl groups don’t attract me) and I don’t stick to a specific group (except perhaps my old faves – SS501, DBSK and B.A.P – but I have moved on since then, because all these groups have somehow gotten themselves into disbandment/hiatus/split up/lawsuits). As for K-indie, I listen to songs from Standing Egg and Nell. I listen to Korean HipHop and Korean R&B too; basically I’m a k-music lover who listens to songs from all genres.

Well, that’s all about me for now! I hope my writing has been fun to read —- I haven’t been blogging for a few years, so it feels kinda strange to be blogging like this now. Anyway, grammar nazis please stay away!


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