Album Recommendations

Nell is one of my favourite korean indie bands and it is definitely an album I would listen to whenever I’m rushing a report. Strangely enough, although their music is labelled as soft rock, I don’t get distracted by the music. Instead, it allows me to concentrate better on writing my report.

Till this day I still cannot differentiate Nell’s songs, because all their songs sound similar to me haha >< oops. Nevertheless, among all of Nell’s albums, I love this “Separation Anxiety” album the most! No particular reason but I feel that the flow of the tracklist goes better in this.

The next album that I would recommend is this album, by the Milk Carton Kids. This is a full indie album sung in English. I love how their soft vocals are accompanied by simple acoustic chords. Perfect for a sunny afternoon!

I’m listening to this album as I’m typing right now ~ It’s my first time listening to it, but I love it because it’s Standing Egg (aka one of my fav korean indie bands). All their songs have a carefree, cheery vibe, and the main vocalist’s voice sounds so sincere and earnest. Really a good album.

I chanced upon this album by MC Mong a few days ago. I’ve often heard of his name but I’ve never gave his songs a listen (because his name sounds like an underground rapper. Not that I dislike underground rappers but I seldom listen to really badass hiphop songs). Eventually I listened to this album and it felt like a pleasant surprise! This album became one of the best albums I’ve ever heard. I love every single track in this album, especially the chilling interlude “0904” (sung by a little girl with a slightly creepy voice… it’s like how some movies with dolls and clowns scare the hell out of you) and “E.R”, which I found out belatedly that it is a remake of DMTN’s E.R. The remake brought the original song to a whole new level, I loved that cult-ish chorus which was added into the song, and the slow-paced, laidback bass beats that sustained throughout the song.


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