Revamping my home

B612-2015-03-08-20-17-13My parents have been planning for the renovation pf my house since a few months ago and have yet to decide on a renovation plan. They have also sought advice from a Feng Shui master who has been hindering the decision making process *rolls eyes*.

My parents put me in-charge of the living room and my own bedroom’s design, so I’ll most likely go for the minimalistic, resort type of style… which means black, white, grey and latte colour schemes ^^

I’ve decided to paint my bedroom a brownish-beige colour to match with the wardrobes and the bed, and as for the living room, currently we’re still selecting colours for the false wall and TV console. The image I uploaded above was taken at a newly opened Bak Kut Teh eatery near my house. Not too sure, but we’re planning to have a metallic grey false wall with dark brown TV console. Sounds good yeah??


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