Why do I keep meeting people who don’t make an effort to contribute to the group? Seems like most of my projects haven’t been proceeding smoothly ):

Just like what happened yesterday. Three of my group members (incl. me) were discussing online yesterday and trying to do up our questionnaires, and the other member didn’t reply in our whatsapp convo. More like she purposely avoided it. She answered in the convo only after we’ve finished the work. WTH.

Girl X said she can only meet on tuesday after 3pm, so we agreed to that. Then this morning (tues), she said she has to leave by 5.30pm and asked if we would take that long to finish the project. Feeling slightly no extremely annoyed, I asked “Have you seen the questionnaire we did last night?” to which she replied “Nah I’ll do it laterrrrr going for class” What the. Still so happy ah? You never contribute at all and you don’t even want to take a look at the document then what do you actually do??

I’ll put on my signature “buay song” face for you later.


I just spent an hour chatting with my sister. About guys.You know how she changed after going to uni? She dresses up for like…1 hour before she goes to school, she uses hairspray, she wears pink dresses, she wears accessories like dangling earrings and a huge ribbon on her head, she puts bb cream, she uses eyelid tape, she uses lipgloss. I wonder if she’s going on a date or going to school.


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