Kill Me Heal Me

It has been a really hectic week for me with 2 assignments due and a miderm – all on Friday. Although I have prepared for the calculus paper for 1.5 weeks, I was still a little fuzzy over some concepts and theories but I THOUGHT I could at least do some questions for the midterm. It turned out that the midterm focused on Proving only, which was the only thing I couldn’t understand after doing all the past year assignments! There goes my 20%… It would be a miracle if I could even get 3/20 marks. ):

Yesterday after the midterm I went home feeling rather dejected… While watching TV, my parents started talking about LKY and they even tried to instil their political views on me. I’m not saying that I am or that I’m not a PAP supporter, but in the event that a voting is needed, I would judge it based on my individual and personal view of both parties and not be influenced by my pro-PAP parents. As much as I have always believed that PAP has done a decent job so far, I feel that there’s a need for some competition in the political field to motivate both parties to improve and work harder. While PAP has done a good job, there are still so many areas which are left uncared for, which makes me wonder how would these problems be tackled if the reigning party were the opposition party. So after I told my parents that I have my own political views and will not be brainwashed by their hardcore love for their fav political party, my father said 新加坡有你们这种新一代的人就完蛋了 — LIKE WHAT THE HECK. It’s not the first time that I got pissed off at them for trying to brainwash me into thinking that the PAP is all perfect. Yes I know what PAP has done for us for the past 40+ years, but what I believe is that you shouldn’t treat it as a 理所当然 thing that PAP would confirm win because people will surely vote for them…. if not, what is the purpose of having opposition parties?? But I’m also not saying that I’m pro-Opposition, just saying that whatever choice I make in the future will not be influenced by anyone other than myself, and I definitely do not want to be brainwashed by my parents.

Anyway, have I mentioned that I’ve been watching a Korean Drama lately? I finished Ep 4 just this morning ~ The drama is so nice!!! In fact, it’s addictive! I have to refrain myself from watching too many episodes at one go, because of school work and also because I don’t want the drama to end so quickly!


Here’s the synopsis of the drama – from Wiki –

“A traumatic childhood experience causes third-generation chaebol Cha Do-hyun to have memory lapses, and his personality fractures into seven different identities. He tries to regain control over his life and is treated secretly by Oh Ri-jin, a first-year psychiatry resident, who eventually falls in love with one of his personalities.”

As mentioned before, the lead character is Cha Do Hyun, who is a smart, caring guy – more like a “model student” as his friends call him. But apparently he had a traumatic childhood experience and as a result, his seven other personalities serve as a defensive mechanism to block out the traumatic memories. The seven other alters appear when Cha Do Hyun is subjected to harm, like for example, Shin Se Gi appears when Cha Do Hyun experiences violence – Because Shin Se Gi is an alter who has greater physical strength than Cha Do Hyun so this alter protects him.

I find the drama interesting because the alters are all so unique!

Here’s from WIKI –

  • Shin Se-gi: a vehement guy with a devil-may-care demeanor who appears when Do-hyun experiences violence. He may be violent, but he never hurts children and women. Se-gi endures all of Do-hyun’s pain as he is the only one who remember his memories. His first love is Oh Ri-jin.


He’s the guy with the red mark on his neck and he’s usually seen wearing eyeliner. I think he’s the most charismatic alter ever! haha Lee Bo Young (Ji Sung’s Wife in real life) is so lucky to marry such a hot guy! Eyyyy…. You have to admit he’s good-looking although he’s not so young already!!!

  • Perry Park: a 40 year-old man with an aficionado for fishing and building bombs. He speaks with Jeolla dialect.


I love this alter too! He’s so funny because he speaks with satoori and he wears flowery prints!!! Super “uncle”!!!

  • Ahn Yo-seob (“Yo-seob” is the Korean version of “Joseph”): a suicidal, intelligent 17 year old boy and artist. Yo-na’s twin brother.


This alter hasn’t appeared yet….

  • Ahn Yo-na (“Yo-na” is the Korean version of “Jonah”): an extrovert and mischievous 17 year old girl who has a love for idols. Yo-seob’s twin sister. She appears when Cha Do-Hyun undergoes a great deal of pain or mental stress, and needs to endure it clandestinely. She has a crush on Oh Ri-on.

kmhm61 158759_original

I’ve been waiting for this alter to come up!!!! I saw some clips on youtube showing Ahn Yo Na applying Lip TInt… Ji Sung is such a genius for portraying Ahn Yona! So much sass! XD

  • Nana: a 7 year-old girl who has a teddy bear named Nana.


This came up briefly during Ep 4 but there wasn’t much elaboration about her. I would love to see Ji Sung acting as a 7-year-old girl though!!! ^^

  • Mr. X: a mysterious guy (Oh Ri-jin’s father).


IDK about this LOL

Psychology textbooks should all come with a drama dvd like these hahaha it’s so much easier to learn when you actually get to see how these disorders work!


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