Renovation will be starting tomorrow~

There goes a whole series of hacking and drilling. So meanwhile, we’ll be spending a night at a hotel.

Can’t wait to get my room painted! ^^ Hopefully the paint will turn out nice… *fingers crossed!*


Mummy kept snapping at me today. She and Daddy were trying to clear the kitchen cabinets to make way for the hacking of the kitchen tomorrow.

I’ll have to wake up really early to bathe too… before the construction workers come and change the water pipes and hack the kitchen. Need to pack up my stuff for friday too because I’ll not be at home tomorrow till friday night…

On my way home from school, I finished watching KMHM episode 10~~~ Things are getting more complicated and this keeps me wanting for more! I think that’s the charm of korean dramas, and the root of the success of k-dramas as compared to local TV dramas. Singaporean dramas are usually episodes after episodes of daily life happenings and cliched storylines, while Korean dramas have a definite plot and the drama only revolves around that plot.

A typical Singaporean drama would be – Girl A meets Boy B, Boy B falls in love with Girl A, but Girl A’s parents had some conflict with Boy B’s parents, and Girl C appears, and Boy B had an affair with Girl C, blah blah blah cliched.

Maybe Singaporean scriptwriters should study what makes overseas drama more successful than the locally produced ones.


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