At a crossroad


Soon you’ll realize you’re nothing more than just a tiny person in this humongous world.

Even the things you do and were once proud of will seemingly become an average thing that everyone else could do, if not better.

It’s not about the upward comparison, but about how you see yourself. There’s always someone better than you out there.

So what’s the point of trying hard and doing your best?

Even researchers have suggested that having a definite goal is better than “I’ll try my best”.

The whole world seems to be contradicting itself at this moment. Even fate and destiny are playing dirty tricks on you. What your interest lies in may not be what you will excel in. What you do best may not be the best per se. What you want to do may not be what you eventually do.

When people say, “chase for your dreams” – What should you do when you don’t even have legs to begin with?

Even in Singapore, where meritocracy and democracy reigns in the society, what exactly is meritocracy? Rewarding people based on their achievement? — But don’t forget, everyone is born with a different family background. That is, the starting point is already different. For scholarships – do you know how much harder a poor person has to work just to get to the same spot as someone rich who can afford expensive tuition classes and assessment books? (I’m not referring to myself by the way) Yes, while it’s somewhat “fair” that people are rewarded for the effort they put in, regardless of their family background, but it’s the mere fact that family background already sets you on a different starting point.

I don’t understand about fairness in today’s society. And I’m even more sceptical about what the future brings me.


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