Slave of Wifi

what!?!?! no wifi????!!!

That was my initial response when my mom told me that the construction workers cut off the wifi at home. As mentioned in my previous post, renovation works start today. This morning I had to wake up exceptionally early to shower and prepare for school because the construction workers will be arriving at 9am. Mom was in a PMS-ey mood this morning, she kept fussing us around — she was in a frenzy because there was so much to do — she had to cover up all the furniture at home with plastic sheets, and I had to climb onto chairs to stick the plastic sheets on the wardrobes.

Back to the wifi problem. Yes the construction workers chopped our fibre network off. GOOD JOB MAN. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITHOUT WIFI??????


Mom and Dad were like “just deal with it, what do you expect us to do?”

Maybe because I’m used to misfortunes all my life, I’m quite okay with it. I mean, there’s always a way out right? —- Which is to stay in school and mug my ass off, finish up my work, then head to the wifi-less home. Pathetic.

My sis was damn pissed off. Because she was already stressed to begin with. As a perfectionist and a hardcore Mugger cum Straight As student, she’s complaining about how the lack of wifi could affect her grades. I told her to do her work in school but she said she cannot concentrate in school. Oh well. The only thing I can say is… “too bad”. Too bad for us that the construction workers cut off our wifi by accident, and too bad that our parents are pretty nonchalant about this whole fiasco, and too bad all these happen during the busiest part of school term.

Now I’m at the hotel. My parents only booked a room so the 4 of us have to squeeze on a double+single bed. My parents gave us the double bed because my sis always sleeps in a 360-degrees way and she kicks around a lot so she needs the space. The bathroom is hella small. There isn’t even a proper hanging rack to hang my clean clothes. I’m not even planning to bathe tonight… (but i’ll bathe tomorrow morning… in 7 hours time lol…. hey i’m not dirty, I showered this morning! And I washed up just now!) The soap available here is for hair and body – wonder how that works…..

I’m getting such a bad feeling about this whole thing. The renovation works in the first place, was planned since last year but my fickle-minded parents are so indecisive (and superstitious – they consulted a fengshui master – I don’t believe in fengshui) and so the process of deciding when to start the renovation was delayed for about 3 months.

Aiya I’m damn sad these days. Don’t talk to me lol.


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