First night

Last night, we slept over at Hotel 81. My parents only booked one room with a double-bed and a single-bed ….. and there were 4 of us.

Thanks to my thrifty parents, all of us had to share that room… But they gave us the double-bed because my sister kicks around when she sleeps. In the end, my mom slept on the ledge near the window because the single-bed was too narrow for both my parents. I gave her my pillow because the ledge was really hard, but somehow in the middle of the night she placed the pillow under my head.

I couldn’t sleep throughout the entire night. I went to bed at 1.20am and plugged in my ear plugs because I hate hearing noises in hotels (and sometimes I would be scared by those noises). My sleep was rather shallow as I felt my sis curling up right behind me and her knees were prodding my spine… so I didn’t change my sleep position for the entire night. At 5am I woke up because Mummy went to the toilet… I’m really sensitive to motion and noise when I sleep. I removed my ear plugs in case I can’t hear the alarm in the morning, but Daddy was snoring SO LOUDLY. At last I gave up sleeping.

The bathroom at the hotel was also really tiny. Barely enough to fit a person.

Feeling really groggy this morning. Anyway I failed my calculus midterm. I expected a 0 or 3 out of 20marks, but I got a little higher than that because the teacher gave me 1mark for trying to attempt the question even though I didn’t know what to write at all. The girl beside me got around the same marks as me…. told you the paper was damn difficult!!!! Gave up on calculus completely. It’s just not my thing, yo….

Not sure if I should head home after school or stay in school to tap into the school’s wifi. I’m so tired, but if I go home, there’s no internet!!!!! *sobs*


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