Home Makeover

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 9.11.16 pm

D-3 of Renovation!

Last night I slept at 10pm because I was so tired! I think that was the earliest I’ve slept in 5 years???

It’s so troublesome having to wake up early in the morning to shower before the contractors arrive. The stove’s not ready yet, neither is the sink, so we can’t cook at home too.

Thank goodness the wifi was repaired today! The OpenNet guys didn’t charge us a single cent because they said since it was our first time, they’ll not charge us. How nice!

I’m watching Ep15 of Kill Me Heal Me now! The drama is getting sadder!!!! I’m still confused about Cha Dohyun’s and Oh Ri-jin’s birth parents though….?? Do-hyun’s grandmother said do-hyun is the only biological child but Min Seo Yeon’s child aka Oh Ri-Jin is also Do-hyun’s father’s child…? I hope there’s no incest going on lol….. but no one mentioned anything about incest, so maybe i’ve left out some details. I love Oh Ri-On’s character in the show! Especially his unwavering brotherly(?) love for his sister. I’ve always wanted to have an elder brother to protect me and dote on me, because it’s so tough being an elder sister! And my sis doesn’t respect me like how dongsaengs respect their unnies in korea, speaking in formal language and all…

On another note, my birthday is in 2 days’ time omg… I’m ageing!!!! SO!!!! QUICKLY!!!!!!

I used to love throwing parties at home and inviting my friends over, and receiving presents from them… but as I grew up, I’ve always wished I could go to the beach and just sit there doing nothing, and enjoying the sunset. That would be my ideal birthday… but I’ve never had a chance to go there. It’s either too hot, or raining, or that I have no mood to step out of my house. Sigh.


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