Soon-to-be 22

22 years of my life

I’ve often thought of this question: What have I achieved?


The slump in my life has never improved.

I live each day without a goal. Just living each day as it is and trying to spend each day happily, without thinking too much about the unhappy things around me. I know I’m being delusional and all, trying to avoid and ignore all problems. But if that allows me to be happier, I think such a defensive mechanism could possibly work for me.

22 years of my life, the greatest thing that happened to be is being born into this family (oh gosh i’m tearing up right now). Even though most of the time they think that I’m a “family rebel” or a spoilt brat, I’m always so thankful to have my family members around…

I’m a person who doesn’t know how to express myself well, even my text messages are all without emoticons… my appearance also makes me look like i’m a cold and emotionless person, but in my heart, i’m a very sensitive person… very emotional… and I get homesick very easily! I can’t even think of going for exchange programmes ><

As I’m going to be 22 years old tomorrow, I hope that life will get better… especially my health… I have a very bad habit of sleeping late, but I’ll try to change that. I hope I can find my goal soon and work hard towards it.


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