First Attempt at Gown Designing


First attempt at designing a dress/gown! How is it?? :P

I took about 30mins… wanted to draw some fanciful designs near the hem but I don’t have time and I don’t know how to draw…

Hope to learn more complicated designs so that I can design better gowns in the future… and I also need to learn how to make the dress look more natural — the flow and creases etc…


Music For Rainy Days

The sky’s so gloomy and dark outside, it’s finally going to rain after so many days of 34degC hot afternoons in Singapore. RAIN PLEASE RAINNNNNNNN!!!!

Anyway, I always like it when it rains and I’m cooped up at home, I love the afternoon darkness, that gloominess… the thunder and lightning outside… somehow lightnings appeal to me… they’re so beautiful and bright… So here are some songs which I love to listen to, during gloomy days like this…. Hope you’ll like them too!

James Bay – Let It Go

Passenger – Let Her Go

Matt Wertz – Easier Tonight

Matt Wertz – Somebody’s Gonna Love You

Jeff Bernat – My Dear

If you’re more into quiet, experimental music, you may want to give this album a listen. It’s kinda weird when you listen to it for the first time, it sounds pretty hypnotic and sleep-inducing, but it definitely gives you a sense of serenity and peacefulness.

James Blake Overgrown Album

Or if you’re like me, who prefer to listen to various singers rather than sticking to one singer, you may like this playlist:

This is one of my favorite playlists on 8tracks :D

If I could restart my life…

If I could start all over again, I would have done music and art.

Start learning piano at a young age. Practice hard.

Draw all I want to draw. Learn oil painting. Learn sketching.

I’ve always been a fan of oil paintings, but I couldn’t learn due the exorbitant price of oil painting lessons.

I love drawing though. But only when I’m in the right mood. Otherwise I think drawing is something very draining.

Some of the drawings I did:


Above: First time drawing with a White Charcoal on Black Paper. It was harder than I thought. I had to redraw the lips a few times.


(Above: Charcoal pencils on post-it. First attempt at using charcoal pencils. Very messy because the charcoal bits kept flying everywhere and made a mess on my desk.)


(Above: DIY bag for my mom. Drawn using fabric marker. I was so scared I would screw this up because I had to draw this free hand.)


(Above: Pencil sketch on A4 paper. Took about 2 hours lol. )


(Above: Skull drawn using a black ball-point pen. First time using pen to draw!)

Home Renovation

So far, what has been done…?

  • Toilet bowl
  • Toilet Sink
  • Toilet Door
  • Water Pipes
  • Electrical Wires

We’re getting the ceiling fan fixed for the living room today. And also the room doors.

My room reeks of paint now… and thinner. I think I’m gonna get high from all these smells…. *yuck* I’m choking…. The guy hammered and hacked the old doors out, placed the new doors on and is now painting it. The smell is so pungent I’m getting a headache…

Week 12

This week feels like it has been dragging for an eternity… although it’s barely past half the week.

Last night, I had a group discussion online with my fellow IO Psych mates, we were rushing through our presentation slides. It was so difficult to put our thoughts into words and we ended up sleeping at around 3.30am? Okay I think I slept around 5am cos idk what i was doing lol. Anyway I had only 1 lesson from 4-6pm today so I could slept in. Which I didn’t. But I didn’t feel too tired throughout the day. I think sleeping less makes me more awake. The irony. LOL.

Eye Candy

“Hey I found a guy who looks like 小杉” I told my sis who is a Doraemon fan


(If you don’t know, he’s a character in Doraemon, known for his good looks and good academic results.)

So I passed my sis my phone and she looked at it and said “Who is this? Wah quite good-looking leh~ I very long never see 帅的 Korean guys already”

On my phone was a google search of Taecyeon, a member of korean boy group 2PM.


taecyeon-of-2pm taecyeon-cover

It’s so funny how my sis and I talk about guys now, we used to be really shy when we were younger and we didn’t talk much about the opposite gender, not even our male classmates.

Taecyeon is handsome but my type is still Doojoon!!!!


Haha actually not much about his face but I like guys who look good wearing a suit!!!

Dizzy Morning

My period came when I was sleeping (LOL TMI haha okay) , so this morning I hopped out of bed (not wanting to stain my bedspread) and grabbed clean clothes and headed to the bathroom to wash up immediately. Maybe I got up too quickly or something… I suddenly felt like I was going to faint(?) — it felt like my heartbeat was going at BPM50 — My heartbeat was so slow I thought it was going to stop. Not wanting to faint in the toilet and crash my head onto the sink, I washed my clothes hurriedly and rested on my bed. Told my parents that I was feeling giddy and then they came with the medicated oil and a cup of hot milo <3 Got better after that. I think it was due to a combination of having to jump out of bed immediately + cramps + the sight of blood lol (okay too much info ><) ~ but girls all have such experiences so yeah~~~~

I haven’t been doing anything these days… wasn’t exactly feeling well for the past week. I think I caught a cold on friday because it was raining heavily in school and I had to sit in a freezing cold aircon room till 8pm to wait for my sister. I spent friday night and saturday sneezing uncontrollably and my throat became sore from all the sneezing.

My stomach still hurts even after popping a painkiller… eotteokke….. ):