Dizzy Morning

My period came when I was sleeping (LOL TMI haha okay) , so this morning I hopped out of bed (not wanting to stain my bedspread) and grabbed clean clothes and headed to the bathroom to wash up immediately. Maybe I got up too quickly or something… I suddenly felt like I was going to faint(?) — it felt like my heartbeat was going at BPM50 — My heartbeat was so slow I thought it was going to stop. Not wanting to faint in the toilet and crash my head onto the sink, I washed my clothes hurriedly and rested on my bed. Told my parents that I was feeling giddy and then they came with the medicated oil and a cup of hot milo <3 Got better after that. I think it was due to a combination of having to jump out of bed immediately + cramps + the sight of blood lol (okay too much info ><) ~ but girls all have such experiences so yeah~~~~

I haven’t been doing anything these days… wasn’t exactly feeling well for the past week. I think I caught a cold on friday because it was raining heavily in school and I had to sit in a freezing cold aircon room till 8pm to wait for my sister. I spent friday night and saturday sneezing uncontrollably and my throat became sore from all the sneezing.

My stomach still hurts even after popping a painkiller… eotteokke….. ):


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