End of Year 3

I had my final paper last thursday, and the following days were pretty much heaven for me. I drew and painted and slept to my heart’s content. Finally cleared my sleep debt but I think too much sleep had made me suffer from mild headaches these days. Sis and I went shopping and I bought a pair of black platform sandals and a pair of slippers from Rubi. They were having a sale at $3 for a pair of slippers so I bought it. We also had lunch at Saizeriya where I ordered a fish-egg tuna pasta (which literally tasted like pasta cooked in tuna, but it was a little too salty and fishy for me, but my sis liked it).

Yesterday my mom, sis and I went on a short trip to Malaysia and we spent most of the money on food LOL. Heading to Malaysia on a weekday was much faster because there was no traffic and there were fewer people. Sis bought a chicken floss crepe. Then we went to Blackball to have our favorite dessert, which consisted of grass jelly, black pearls, yam balls, sweet potato balls, fresh milk and shaved ice (RM 9.00 excluding GST). We walked around for a short while, but there was nothing much to buy, so we went to have our favorite Penang Laksa at the basement level. It’s definitely a must-have food item whenever we travel to Malaysia. Trust me, it’s sooooooo good!

At around 5(?), we visited the local Pasar Malam across the street near KSL. It’s like the pasar malam we see in Singapore but the things they sell are more like the Taiwan Night Markets, mostly fruits, vegetables, fish and street food. You have to try the 虾饼 and 爱玉 there! The weather is also extremely warm, so do remember to bring along a cap!


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