Skin Care!

This blog isn’t for any advertorials or beauty reviews, but for my true personal experiences, so for anyone having the same problem as me out there, just read on and hope this blog post will help you!

I’ve been suffering from acne since I started puberty, and for some unknown reason, I had VERY VERY VERY bad acne.

I always had bad acne when I was a teenager, and I used many acne products, including Oxy5, Tea Tree Oil (both pure and those from Body Shop), Clean & Clear (sucks, don’t buy them), AcneClear, etc, almost all types of products found in Watsons, but none worked for my cystic acne. I’ve also seen many doctors, including Maple clinic in Tampines and the National Skin Centre. Believe me, National Skin Centre doesn’t really help with your skin. For me at least. My complexion did not improve even when I booked an appointment with the Senior doctor there. In Sec 3, my mom signed me up for a skincare package at New York Skin Solutions, and THAT WAS MY ULTIMATE REGRET. The whole package was around $1000+, but it totally RUINED my skin. Every treatment, the beautician used a blackhead remover to remove all the blackheads on my face and squeezed every single pimple, it was so painful I cried and after every treatment, my face was SUPER RED. I remember feeling very embarrassed to walk out of the NYSC outlet every session because my whole face was swollen and red. The “recovery” process was terrible too. After every session, my face will be left with red welts all over, and on the 2nd day, those welts will be pus filled and new pimples would emerge. It was soooooo bad, there wasn’t any spot on my face without a pimple. My whole face was red and swollen and filled with pimples and pus and it was soooooo painful omg. I must really thank my tablemate and my bestfriends in Sec 3 who stayed by my side even though I look so gross.

One of my classmates used to have severe acne, a little more severe than mine, but I noticed that her complexion had improved dramatically, so one day I asked her for help and she introduced me to Dr Chiam, who has a clinic near Buona Vista.

From then on, my life changed. Dr Chiam prescribed Isotretinoin, which is a common medication for people with severe acne, and I had to have my cholesterol levels checked every now and then (via a blood test >< ouch) and he’d make you sign a contract — “No pregnancy” — because the medicine will affect your liver and somehow will affect your fetus too or something.

I was on this medicine for quite a few months, but the effects were amazing. My face became less oily, and in fact it became rather dry. I had to apply lip balm on my lips because they were drying out too. I had to stay away from the harsh sunlight and apply Retin A cream every night. The face wash I used was also from Dr Chiam’s clinic. The whole recovery process was really great, my pimples cleared up pretty fast, but as I still had uneven skin and breakouts, I had to be on medication for quite some time. The downside of this whole treatment was that Dr Chiam’s prices are very steep. Each consultation with medication totalled up to a few hundreds of dollars. (Poor parents have to pay for me T_T)

However, a few years after stopping medication, my pimples came back again, not like the old cystic acne, but its like those small pimples breaking out in masses on my forehead and cheeks and chin, so I went back to skin centre, hoping to find a cheaper cure, but to no avail.

Eventually I chanced upon Dr Tan who has a clinic in Kovan (you can easily search up his name and clinic). He’s a GP but he’s famous for his specialisation in skin problems. His consultation times are really short, it’s like less than 3 minutes and you’re done. He prescribed a face wash, isotretinoin again (but lower dosage) and some antibiotics, UDM cream (something like a moisturiser which is my holy grail now) and night Repair Cream. For the face wash, I’m not allowed to massage it on my face like usual face washes, but I have to dispense a little amount of it on my hands, lather it on my hands, then pat the foam on my face, pat pat pat pat pat, then wash with water, similarly, using the patting method. So there’s no rubbing involved at all.

As compared to Dr Chiam, Dr Tan’s treatment is for less severe acne because the medicine is milder, but his prices are much cheaper (but still expensive!). Nevertheless, I think it’s better to seek treatment for severe acne sooner before it leaves scars on your face! I’m quite glad that now my skin is in stable condition, and gone are the days with severe acne!

You know how people always think pimples are caused because you touch your face, you never wash your face, your hair is oily, you eat too much chili or sweet food….. nonononono sometimes people have pimples because they just HAVE! IDK whats the reason, probably genetic or due to hormones or something, but its not like I love touching my face with my dirty hands or I didn’t wash my face lol

Anyway, trust me, just go for Dr Chiam or Dr Tan if you need any desperate help with your acne problems. Be prepared to spend money though… but i guess it’s worth it, seeing how better skin can change your life!

Do leave a comment if you have any questions! ^_^


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