Cody ChesnuTT – 5 On A Joyride

Heard this song on Running Man… it’s really soothing and simple, yet touching at the same time… a good listen for the night.


I’m a survivor

*cues standing ovation*


Monday & Tuesday were terribly busy for me because there was a workshop going on from Wed to Thurs so I had to get the luggages prepared for the Consultant. That included lots of paperwork and printing and cutting and because my colleague was still on leave, I sorta had to juggle the work on my own.

Wednesday & Thursday were not much better… there was a handover project because one of my colleagues was going on a maternity leave. The original plan was that she would be handing over to my colleague but my colleague was on leave so I ended up having to sit through 1 full day of briefing of things that I don’t even understand. *sobs T_T*

Friday was slightly better because I finished my work early so I had some time to catch my breath. I think some of my colleagues are really cute LOL I expected adults like them to be very serious and formal but some of them are really friendly to me! (or maybe they just lowered their maturity level to speak to me LOL, they may have underestimated how mature I am)

Work has made me a healthier person. These days I’ve been sleeping very early (like I slept at 9.30pm last night — for the first time since I started education) because I’m always SOOOOO tired after working! I think my mom will be glad… she’s been nagging at me to sleep before 12am (which was IMPOSSIBLE before)… now I head to bed before 10pm without her nagging at all…

3rd Day at Work

My colleague cum mentor will be on leave for these 2 days, so I was basically alone today. Thankfully no one called because I’m still having problems transferring phone calls.

What I did today was filing, and then I ran out of things to do, so I ended up helping the other departments with their translation works, because they had a tight schedule. It was a fun experience though. They handed me the korean version because I could read basic korean, and they didn’t know korean at all, so it was difficult for them to figure out the correct translations.

I talked to the boss today.

You know how people always expect their boss to be snobbish, bitchy, always making things difficult? My boss Kevin is totally the opposite! I think he’s the most easy-going boss I’ve ever met! I was scared to talk to him at first, so I prepared what I was going to tell him ON A POST-IT (LIKE A SCRIPT LMAO). I explained to him about the order form briefly, and he just “okay, okay, alright” NEVER SAY ANYTHING ELSE! And then he signed the contract! Felt like I’ve secured my first deal lol, but its just an approval for some renovation works in the office.

So happy to be working in such a good working environment. One of my colleagues gave birth so the company is getting her a baby hamper, and I got the chance to learn now to order it online.

The adults are so rich LOL. Or more like the company is rich and they spend money well on their workers. I mean, its really intriguing to be part of this company because the boss treats his employees so well! That also explains why no one knocks off at 6pm sharp (I’ve been leaving very late these few days even though I’m just a temp staff and my mom is so calculative, she keeps nagging at me to “don’t be so stupid and work OT”. It’s just a strange sense of commitment and responsibility to the company that keeps you wanting to work there)

Let’s hope tomorrow will be a better day (as usual!)

New Work Life

It’s my 2nd day at work today!

So far, work has been manageable for me, all thanks to my colleagues who are SUPER nice and patient!

You know how some companies don’t like to hire fresh graduates because they don’t want to go through all the trouble of teaching the new staff everything? It’s the opposite here at Quadmark, where I’m currently working at, as a temp Admin Assistant. The moment I stepped into the office for an interview, I knew this company isn’t the usual type of company you’d expect to see in Singapore.

The first time I walked into the office was for an interview. The outer facade of the building (Maxwell House) was really old and antique-looking. It looked like the type of old buildings you see near Chinatown. Contrary to my expectations, the interior of the company was very cosy-looking and very bright and new! There were art pieces hanging on the walls as I heard that the boss likes art! What a coincidence because I love art too!

For the interview, I was brought to a meeting room that had synthetic grass on the floor!! It was SOOOOO COOL omg. Who would expect to see GRASS in the office! Immediately, I knew the company was really one of a kind, really unique and really a place that I would LOVE to work at!

Thankfully, the interview went well and I got this job. I was put under the guidance of Arifah, who is a really nice and awesome lady!!!!! I REALLY MEAN IT. She’s really very nice and friendly and patient!!!!! I can’t describe how nice she is, but she’s VERY VERY nice to me and I’m very touched. As a newbie, I’m always worried that my older colleagues would find me a chore because they have to explain every single thing to me, but Arifah does a very good job at explaining, and she does it very slowly, so that I wouldn’t feel stressed out by the overload of information. I’m very thankful to have her around because she’s also very friendly, and she always asks me to follow her along to learn from her. I’ve learnt things like dealing with clients, picking up phonecalls, booking flight tickets and upgrading them to business class for the boss. Arifah also introduced me to all the colleagues at Quadmark, who are also very friendly and approachable, but I’m a little introverted so sometimes I still feel awkward with them. Arifah, on the other hand, gets along very well with everyone!

These 2 days I haven’t actually done much work, because Arifah wants to teach me things slowly, one at a time, so that I wouldn’t be too overwhelmed. SEE SHE’S SO NICE! Soe Siong from the Accounts dept too, he’s like a fatherly figure, and today he taught me how to write cheques. He’s like “Next time, when you open business, then you can write cheques!”

My boss is a workaholic. I’m truly impressed by his love for his work. He works NON-STOP. Seriously. While the staff members are having lunch and chilling together, he eats while he’s doing work and he doesn’t take a break. And usually he says “anything” when Arifah asks him what he wants for lunch. SUCH AN EASY-GOING BOSS, WHERE TO FIND!! He’s so poor thing because Arifah always buy salad for him lol… eat salad for lunch leh… so sad ><

So in short, the entire company is filled with nice people. They’re all so easy-going and cool, it’s rare to find such a good working atmosphere in Singapore, where most companies are filled with office politics and where everyone’s rushing to go off “AT THE DOT”. Here at Quadmark, I noticed that no one actually leaves early. They usually work OT although they don’t get paid for that. They work because they feel that they ought to do their job well. I guess this sense of responsibility and motivation to do work well comes from the fact that the boss gives them a lot of freedom, and provides them with the welfare needed, such as team bonding meals and other monetary benefits. Everyone is happy to work there, and in return, they do their work well and they don’t mind working longer hours. Everyone isn’t too calculative too, no one actually comes at 9am SHARP, usually the staff members would arrive a few minutes after 9am, and have their breakfast before starting on their work.

I’m very thankful to be able to have an opportunity to witness such a unique office culture. It reminds me of the Google Headquarters where everyone works hard and plays hard. I think this is one huge benefit of working in a foreign company.

Anyway, for the next 2 days, my mentor wouldn’t be coming, so I’ll be left all alone… I’m quite scared because it’s either I don’t have anything to do, or I have things to do but I don’t know how to do. I’m still stuttering when it comes to handling phone calls. Hope I’ll get the hang of it soon!

Death Note: The Musical

Wow, this song sent chills down my spine when I heard it for the first time. I wasn’t expecting a song like this to come from a musical. Musical songs are usually like “opera” but this is so 流行歌曲 LOL XD

I’m a fan of Junsu’s musicals but sadly I only like the songs… I don’t know how to appreciate the plot of the musical! I watched the original German version of Elisabeth but I couldn’t understand the story LOL… it was something about politics….

Staycation @ Rendezvous Hotel – 30th May 2015

As mentioned in one of the previous posts, my house had recently undergone some renovation works, so we took the chance to use the staycation voucher my sister won from YES933.


The hotel we stayed at was Rendezvous Hotel, just beside School of The Arts, near Bras Basah MRT Station.

The interior of the hotel looked nothing like the pristine, white, and sophisticated outer facade. 11393071_510779685736018_5374844595724288534_n

The hotel had a dark interior, with a purple&black colour scheme. What caught my eye was the unique mask chairs (picture above)! They look so artsy, yet dark and mysterious and they really add on to the whole ambience in the hotel. However, they are not as comfortable to sit on as they look ><.

Here’s the drink lounge —


Other views of the hotel —


There’s a cool pillar thingy that changes colour every now and then —


At first it’s purple

Then it’s blue!



There’s also a cool figurine made up of porcelain fragments!

As we could only check in after 2pm, we decided to walk around. With my mom and sis, we went to Singapore Art Museum and the National Museum. Those two museums are my favorite places to visit, free-of-charge, and educational. I love seeing the art exhibitions and just immersing myself into an artsy world. I thought it’d be quite troublesome to bring my mom along (lol…. it’s because she doesn’t appreciate art and she says things without consideration for the artists!) but the trip turned out to be quite fun!

After our museum visits, we had lunch at Saizeriya before returning back to the hotel.

Here’s a look into the hotel room we got —


Nothing much although it was branded as a Deluxe room.

We left our belongings in the room and went around the hotel to take a look at their facilities. Nothing much actually. There was a small gym with a small pool in front, so we kinda spent an hour in the gym.

After gym-ing, we had tea at BaoJinTian, a dianxin restaurant. Nothing tastes better than food after exercising!11289414_510779235736063_3642042261204305072_o

This is the restaurant’s specialty – Liu Sha Bao.

It wasn’t as nice as what the dish description said, the fillings didn’t exactly “explode” out.


Mango Prawn Roll — this was pretty nice, there were small bits of mango in the roll and the prawn was juicy and succulent. But it was a little too oily, I would say.


Seafood Claypot porridge — The porridge was quite bland, which feels quite “healthy” (not as sinful as the oily deep fried prawn rolls). The price for this dish was kinda expensive, if I didn’t remember wrongly, it was about $8 for this small pot. Really SMALL. But I guess the price of this dish was due to the ingredients in the porridge. There were scallops, squids, fish maw and fish meat in it.

Overall I would say that my mom enjoyed it, but since I’m not a fan of dianxin, I only liked the bao and the prawn rolls.

So we went back to the hotel to shower and then we went to Plaza Sing to shop for a while before meeting Daddy for his dinner.

That night I slept on the couch in the room. Um, actually I was wide-awake throughout the night. The couch was more like an armchair. My neck and back were aching all over, and the aircon thermostat was set at 16degC. I was literally frozen till I couldn’t feel my toes. I didn’t know that the temperature was THAT low until my sis told me the morning after. Dad, Mom and Sis shared a bed. Mom initially wanted to sleep on the couch, but of course I couldn’t let her. It turned out to be the longest and coldest night ever and I was so glad morning came eventually, after what seemed like a REAL eternity.

The next morning, I had breakfast with my sis in the hotel while my parents went out for theirs (we only had 2 breakfast coupons).


It was a buffet breakfast, but I’m not quite a breakfast person, so I ended up forcing myself to eat. I’m not sure if service at Rendezvous Hotel’s restaurant is usually this bad, but when my sis and I entered the restaurant, we weren’t served. We were ushered to a table without a fresh jug of milk and missing mugs. I even had to ask one of the waiters for a mug so that I could get coffee, and she just took one from a random table. (But after we had our breakfast, a group of foreigners came in, and the waitress greeted them, asked them if they wanted coffee or tea and she made a cup for them. Did she look down on us or what? Why was there a double standard in service?)

Anyway, this was what I ate. The cheese stick looked nice but it tasted so tasteless and hard I had problems eating the entire stick. The hashbrowns were so crispy!! I LOVE THEM! I also ate a small potato and a baby carrot, a few pieces of ham, bacon (the bacon was so salty and hard… like overcooked), OVERLY greasy fried egg, and french toast.


Some leafy vegetables (because I’m a healthy kid), I love tomatoes~~~ and a sausage.


Some fruits to finish off my breakfast~


Here’s a random photo of my dad lepaking at the hotel lobby :D


Mom and Daddy headed back home first to clean up the mess in the house, so my sis and I remained in the hotel room to shower and then pack up. My parents told us to shop around first while they clean the house because my sis is kinda allergic to the paint and I’m always sneezing. So both of us went to Nex, where we ate crepes and had this really good dessert — Mango Pomelo Sago!


The mango puree was VERY rich and the pomelo saps gave tiny spurts of pomelo juice in my mouth LOL. Anyway it was damn shiok. But after a while you kinda get sick of it because it’s so rich.

Yep~ so that sums up our veryyyy short staycation at Rendezvous Hotel ~ and now my room is painted very nicely! My parents said my room’s colour looks great (of course lah, I choose one… *flips hair*) while they said that my sister’s room looks too dark with the purple and pink walls. I love the purple actually. But not the pink.