3rd Day at Work

My colleague cum mentor will be on leave for these 2 days, so I was basically alone today. Thankfully no one called because I’m still having problems transferring phone calls.

What I did today was filing, and then I ran out of things to do, so I ended up helping the other departments with their translation works, because they had a tight schedule. It was a fun experience though. They handed me the korean version because I could read basic korean, and they didn’t know korean at all, so it was difficult for them to figure out the correct translations.

I talked to the boss today.

You know how people always expect their boss to be snobbish, bitchy, always making things difficult? My boss Kevin is totally the opposite! I think he’s the most easy-going boss I’ve ever met! I was scared to talk to him at first, so I prepared what I was going to tell him ON A POST-IT (LIKE A SCRIPT LMAO). I explained to him about the order form briefly, and he just “okay, okay, alright” NEVER SAY ANYTHING ELSE! And then he signed the contract! Felt like I’ve secured my first deal lol, but its just an approval for some renovation works in the office.

So happy to be working in such a good working environment. One of my colleagues gave birth so the company is getting her a baby hamper, and I got the chance to learn now to order it online.

The adults are so rich LOL. Or more like the company is rich and they spend money well on their workers. I mean, its really intriguing to be part of this company because the boss treats his employees so well! That also explains why no one knocks off at 6pm sharp (I’ve been leaving very late these few days even though I’m just a temp staff and my mom is so calculative, she keeps nagging at me to “don’t be so stupid and work OT”. It’s just a strange sense of commitment and responsibility to the company that keeps you wanting to work there)

Let’s hope tomorrow will be a better day (as usual!)


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