I’m a survivor

*cues standing ovation*


Monday & Tuesday were terribly busy for me because there was a workshop going on from Wed to Thurs so I had to get the luggages prepared for the Consultant. That included lots of paperwork and printing and cutting and because my colleague was still on leave, I sorta had to juggle the work on my own.

Wednesday & Thursday were not much better… there was a handover project because one of my colleagues was going on a maternity leave. The original plan was that she would be handing over to my colleague but my colleague was on leave so I ended up having to sit through 1 full day of briefing of things that I don’t even understand. *sobs T_T*

Friday was slightly better because I finished my work early so I had some time to catch my breath. I think some of my colleagues are really cute LOL I expected adults like them to be very serious and formal but some of them are really friendly to me! (or maybe they just lowered their maturity level to speak to me LOL, they may have underestimated how mature I am)

Work has made me a healthier person. These days I’ve been sleeping very early (like I slept at 9.30pm last night — for the first time since I started education) because I’m always SOOOOO tired after working! I think my mom will be glad… she’s been nagging at me to sleep before 12am (which was IMPOSSIBLE before)… now I head to bed before 10pm without her nagging at all…


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