Counting down


It’s been a really long time since I wrote my last post! It’s October now, which means I have less than half a month more to go before my contract ends!

Honestly, I can’t wait for my job to come to an end, I want a really good break from work. But at the same time, there goes my only source of income.

I had 2 interviews today; never really expected BOTH interviews to fall on the same day! One was an interview with SIM, the other with NIE. The NIE one was especially nerve-wrecking, I had to wait for about 40mins before I was called into the interview room. This was the interview that got me so stressed out for 2 weeks because I have failed an interview with them before. I thought of some questions that they would probably ask me, but in the end, none were asked. Instead, they drilled me with a smorgasbord of questions that I had to think of answers impromptu. I guess many of my brain cells died in the process.

There were many parts of the interview which I didn’t have a good answer for, but I felt that I kinda performed better than my previous interview. I was able to handle their questions more composedly and some answers just came out of my head without me thinking.

So glad that both interviews have ended. Time for me to have a good rest.

Hopefully I will receive some good news in the few weeks to come. Hopefully ><


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