Just a random post

I haven’t been doing anything at home since I became unemployed lol. Just waiting for the 18th to come so that I would know what my next step would be.

My sis will be heading overseas for exchange programme next year. I didn’t quite like the idea of her going overseas to study, since neither of us have actually left our homes for more than a week. It would be 5 months without her at home, and I can already foresee the boredom I have to suffer. Both Daddy and I are the quiet ones at home so we don’t talk. Mummy talks but she nags a lot as well. My sis is usually the person I’d talk to everyday. But I can’t be selfish and tell her not to go, since it’s her choice…


Good(?) News?

This afternoon, my mom came back home with an envelope… an IMPORTANT envelope.

As I might have mentioned before, I applied for a postgraduate course in NIE and went for an interview, so I have been waiting fervently for the results of my interview since 2nd Oct. Finally, after a month of endless waiting, The Envelope is here. *OMG*

My mom and I exchanged worried glances, and none of us dared to open it. At last, my sis bravely volunteered to open the envelope. To my disbelief (and relief from all the waiting), it was an offer letter from NIE. I was really glad that this interview was a success because I have been rejected by MOE during my A-level days when I tried to apply for teaching.

But there was something in the letter that was bugging me. It was stated that I was offered a position as a GEO2 under PGDE, but I read online that GEO2 is for dip/A-levels holders… I’m a Bachelor degree holder though…

Not sure if it was an error or whatever, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’ve emailed them to clarify on this matter… hope things will turn out fine!

I’m looking forward to start my teaching career!