2016, a brand new year

I haven’t been on wordpress for such a long time, the website layout has changed.

So, welcome to 2016! (And goodbye 2015)

I didn’t really enjoy 2015 although it was a year that marked my transition from an undergraduate to a graduate and to someone who has eventually gotten a “job”. That word in parenthesis because it isn’t quite confirmed yet, it will be dependent on my subsequent performance.

In 2015, I made a decision to graduate from university with a Bachelor’s degree – there was no point of me continuing my studies since I didn’t quite excel in it and it was starting to get a little depressing… And so I graduated, and after graduation I began to look for jobs, as well as plan to further my studies (tired of the NUS style of learning, wanted to explore other means). I applied to SIM Masters in Counselling, NIE Masters in Psychology, and NIE PGDE. I should say, it felt like I was taking a gamble with the NIE PGDE one, I really wanted that, but if I don’t get it, I would then have to settle for the others. Not saying that the others were easy to get.. but these 3 options were my only post-graduate choices which I was interested in.

The results:

  • SIM: Rejected. The interview went smoothly, but the interviews were rather sceptical about accepting me as a student because they were looking for candidates who have at least 2 years of work experience (while I barely graduated for 2 months).
  • NIE Psychology: Rejected. Well I kind of expected this outcome. I mean why would anyone accept me for a Masters programme when I haven’t done my honours lol. My mom told me to try out and so I did. Wasn’t expecting anything from this though.
  • NIE: ACCEPTED. I legit screamed my lungs out when my sister read out the acceptance letter (because I was too scared to open the envelope). The interview was challenging for me but I gave it my all because this was something that I really really wanted.

So I’m becoming a teacher. That is, if I do well in my teaching stint in school.

Last week I went for a 3-day (intensive) teaching preparatory programme with fellow teachers-to-be. It was definitely an eye-opener; I learned a lot of things, not just on how to plan a lesson, but also on how to be a good teacher. I never knew so much work had to be put in to carry out a lesson. Sorry to all teachers whose classes I fell asleep in.

School is starting tomorrow, I’m really excited but nervous at the same time. Perhaps more scared than anything since it will be a new working environment for me. I hope this teaching path would be a smooth one for me, and I pray that I won’t experience any more mental blackouts (like I did during TPP – it was so embarrassing)


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