Happy 23rd!


Last night at around 12plus, my student sent me a birthday wish on snapchat XD my students are really so adorable, they get so excited about my birthday!

When I reached school, a couple of girls wanted to sing me the birthday song but it was during silent reading so I had to shush them. During 2EL class, my kids sang to me! I was so embarrassed but so touched~ they’re all so cute! When we exchanged greetings at the end of the lesson, they greeted “Thank you Ms Teo and have a happy birthday” AWWWWWW

And during HW period my 2/5 kids sang to me again :D they closed the front door, so when I walked in, I was like “hey why you close the door…” and then they went “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU………..” hahaha so sweet right.. so I bought chocolate snacks for them :D

During my break I met Mr ET at the GO. Mr ET shares the same birthday as me, so I said HBD to him and he was kinda surprised and asked me how I knew his birthday. I told him it’s my birthday too and he said “Oh HBD!” Anyway, after that his school clique – mainly the PE teachers and some other guys, bought a birthday cake for him (waa~~~). As I was walking around in the canteen, Mr Ong called out to me. Mr Lee & Mr Ong then tried to light a candle on a piece of cake (actually that slice of cake was the leftover slice from Mr ET’s cake LOL) and then the teachers sang me the bday song. hahaha embarrassing much. At first Mr Lee was confused about the Zodiac thing, he thought Mr ET was 1 round older than me, but we were saying that it might not be, just because we share the same birthday. Anyway it turned out that Mr ET is one round + 1 year older than me lol… but he looks young la. Guys don’t age much. I need anti-ageing products though.

The poly interns + jasmin + grace + wenjie also surprised me with flowers, cards, cakes and gifts! So happy to be surrounded by nice people! Grace, Jasmin and Wenjie are always helping me in school and I feel like I owe them a lot!! And the poly interns are also very nice to me, so I’m trying to help them out as much as I can too!

Very blessed to be surrounded by nice colleagues and students! Students from 3NA also made the effort to greet me along corridors even though I don’t teach them, and I’ve only known them when I was with them at the oral holding room. It always feels good to have students greeting you when you walk around in school or even outside school!


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