End of Sem 1

Finally the June Hols are here! I guess I’m the only person who doesn’t have any plans for my month-long holiday yet. Everyone’s either going overseas or spending some quality time with their loved ones, and here I am, watching a new korean drama recommended by my friend and chomping on Green Tea flavoured Hello Panda biscuits instead of buying lunch from downstairs.

Last week I received a mail from my principal regarding my enrolment into NIE. I’m glad to announce that I’ll be going for the July-Aug intake this year! WOOHOOOOOOO~~~~~~

While I’m excited to embark on my new journey at NIE after hearing so much about it from my colleagues, I feel quite sad to be leaving my current school. I met SO MANY nice people over there, be it colleagues or students or even the staff in the General Office. I really owe it all to my EL mentor who has really taught me a lot. She’s one of my role models in life and I aspire to be an awesome teacher like her one day!

Then again, there’s my form class. I will really miss them when I’m at NIE. I remember during the first few weeks of school I had no one to eat lunch with, and the girls gladly made space for me at their lunch table and told me to join them for lunch. HOW SWEET ARE THEY. And the boys were also very friendly. Remember how we used to avoid teachers at all cost (pretending to be busy on our phones, gazing up into the sky)? The kids are different. They actually bothered to say hi to me, even outside school. For that, I’m really really grateful.


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