I dyed my hair!

Nothing to be excited about since it is my 2nd time using Liese Bubble Hair Dye. My first experience using this hair dye was in 2011 and I remember the colour lasted for quite a few months. As I have tried brown the previous time I dyed my hair, I chose Cassis Berry this time round.

Cassis Berry turned out to be a purplish-reddish kind of colour, not too obvious unless under sunlight, which makes it a perfect colour for me (since I can’t turn up in school with too vibrant hair colours). It’s my first time trying out a reddish colour because I used to associate purplish-red hair colours with “aunties”… but it turned out pretty well, suits me, just that some parts of my hair still remained black even after I left the foam on for an hour. Now my hair looks like I have reddish highlights. But it’s cool and I like it!



No, not drugs.

I’m addicted to Maltesers!!! Why haven’t I discovered this box of goodness earlier!

I bought a box (yes not a pack, a BOX) of Maltesers from a supermarket last week and since then I’ve been nibbling on those little chocs every single day. I’d simply pop one into my mouth and slowly feel the inner honeycomb centre melt against my tongue. Heavenly.