Sour Candy

I’m a HUGE fan of sour things. There was once when I was working at SOTA, I went to the fruit stall in the canteen and asked the stall owner for lemon. He must have thought that I was going to put the lemon into my drink so he cut it into slices, but no actually I wanted him to cut it into wedges so that I can eat it like a slice of orange. Mmhmm.

I love sour sweets like WarHeads, but being a fan of sour things, one should know that Warheads are only sour on the surface, where the sour powder is. Beneath the sour powder is just a sugary sweet candy. So the sourness only lasts like a few seconds. No kick.

It was until my Uni friend bought me a packet of sweets from Stickys that I found the best sour candy on Earth. The candy’s called “Super Sour Suckers” and true to its name, the candies are SUPER SOUR. *warning: don’t eat too many candies at one go or you might lose your sense of taste* Those candies are REALLY SOUR it’s almost as good as drinking acid. So a note of caution here, don’t eat too many of these. But really, I loved these candies so much that I asked my friend where she bought them from so that I could buy a few more packets for myself.


Another sour candy that I would like to recommend is this Ribon Sour Lemon Candy. I bought this packet of sweets from Daiso and I’m so in love with it! While the Super Sour Suckers are rock-hard caramelised candy, these lemon candies are soft, with a sour core. In comparison to Warheads, this is of course by far better. In terms of sourness, I would say this is 0.5% less sour than the SSS, but if you like to chew on soft sweets, this would definitely be the perfect sour candy for you.

ribon sour lemon candy



I’ve moved into my dorm for about a week or so. Last week zoomed past pretty fast cos everything was new to me. Lessons are starting too, my timetable looks like a hectic mess now. But my SS mods haven’t started yet, so I expect my days at NIE to be a lot worse. A LOT BUSIER.

So about my dorm, it’s actually nicer than I expected it to be, having been to Hall 2 once. Hall 16 is also very near NIE so technically speaking, I can wake up just 10 mins before lesson starts (of course I won’t. Everyone goes for lessons SO MUCH EARLIER HERE). Facilities-wise, there’s a gym downstairs but I haven’t had a chance to use it because I haven’t brought my running shoes here. The hall canteen is quite disappointing after I bought a disgusting peanut-butter-coated-la-mian-in-tom-yum-soup thingie for lunch. That was horrible. Staying in hall really makes me appreciate the convenience and comfort I have at home. This is especially true for a lazy person like me. I dread refilling my bottle or even going to the washroom because it means I have to walk to the end of the corridor to do so.

At times I feel quite lonely here, there’s only my cousin and I. And my sis will be flying off to Taiwan in about 2 weeks’ time.

And then there are so many assignments and readings. READINGS. I’m basically suffocating under the amount of readings I have. But these days I’ve been receiving instavids from my ex-students, which really cheer me up! HIM-NAE!

Can’t wait to go home tomorrow. I’m having cramps now and I’m running out of pads. Save Me.


It’s been about 2 weeks in NIE and it feels so long omg…

I’m still adapting to uni life (which I dreaded most) and I’ll be officially moving into my dorm tomorrow. TBH I didn’t enjoy uni life in NUS and I couldn’t wait to get out of it, and now the irony is that I’m back in uni again after I’ve graduated.

Everything about NIE seems so foreign to me, that unfamiliar feeling that I had 2 years ago, back in NUS. Just that NIE feels a bit more disorganised. Blackboard is much messier than IVLE. It makes it difficult for me to keep track of my modules and assignments, like I have to check every now and then to know whats going on. After graduating for a year, I’ve lost all motivation to be a model student and most of the time I feel so lethargic to even start reading my notes. Speaking of which, my EL modules have so many readings!!!! I’m drowning in all my readings (not that I have any motivation to start on them anyway).

I was supposed to move into my hall last week but due to some unforeseen circumstances (i.e. my cousin decided not to move in yet, and it was the start of the lunar 7th month and I didnt have classes on some days) I ended up coming home at night on one of the days when I planned to stay overnight. Hall 16’s location is very good but perhaps my neighbours havent moved in, the hall looks very empty and it could get a little eerie at night, especially if you’re going to the shared toilet.

Apart from that, I need to get my wifi connected to my laptop tomorrow. IF NOT I WILL SUFFER FROM THE LACK OF WIFI IN MY ROOM. BLEH. Not sure how to do so.