It’s been about 2 weeks in NIE and it feels so long omg…

I’m still adapting to uni life (which I dreaded most) and I’ll be officially moving into my dorm tomorrow. TBH I didn’t enjoy uni life in NUS and I couldn’t wait to get out of it, and now the irony is that I’m back in uni again after I’ve graduated.

Everything about NIE seems so foreign to me, that unfamiliar feeling that I had 2 years ago, back in NUS. Just that NIE feels a bit more disorganised. Blackboard is much messier than IVLE. It makes it difficult for me to keep track of my modules and assignments, like I have to check every now and then to know whats going on. After graduating for a year, I’ve lost all motivation to be a model student and most of the time I feel so lethargic to even start reading my notes. Speaking of which, my EL modules have so many readings!!!! I’m drowning in all my readings (not that I have any motivation to start on them anyway).

I was supposed to move into my hall last week but due to some unforeseen circumstances (i.e. my cousin decided not to move in yet, and it was the start of the lunar 7th month and I didnt have classes on some days) I ended up coming home at night on one of the days when I planned to stay overnight. Hall 16’s location is very good but perhaps my neighbours havent moved in, the hall looks very empty and it could get a little eerie at night, especially if you’re going to the shared toilet.

Apart from that, I need to get my wifi connected to my laptop tomorrow. IF NOT I WILL SUFFER FROM THE LACK OF WIFI IN MY ROOM. BLEH. Not sure how to do so.


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