Holidays mean free time and free time means dramas!

I’m currently hooked on Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo and Goblin. (I started on a few episodes of The Legend of the Blue Sea but the plot doesn’t attract me as much, it got kinda draggy so I stopped watching it although I liked the first few episodes.)

The trailer for Goblin was interesting, I thought it might be some thriller kind of drama (Korean thrillers are top-notch) but it turned out to be just a rom-com kind of drama. The plot doesn’t really interest me much but I love the script and the actors’ chemistry on-screen. Think Gong Yoo + Lee Dong Wook + Yook Sung Jae. With these three guys, nothing can go wrong right! Indeed, I love all the scenes when these three guys come together, Gong Yoo being the Goblin, LDW being the Grim Reaper and YSJ being the Goblin’s nephew.

Gong Yoo – how can an ahjussi be so handsome!!!!!! I feel so sinned liking a man who is older than me by 14 years old. BUT ITS GONG YOO. In contrary to his character in Train To Busan, I think he suits a comedic role pretty well! The ad-libs that GY and LDW portrayed in Goblin are really super hilarious, both of them bicker like kids and most of the time they “fight” in the most childish ways possible.

Now, on to WFKBJ, I absolutely LOVE Lee Sungkyung’s acting here. Her role as Kim Bok Joo seems so natural and all the little details about KBJ – like the way she runs, the way she eats etc…- these details are just so Kim Bok Joo! After knowing that this drama was inspired by Korean National Weightlifter Jang Miran, I fell in love with the drama even more. It makes me feel sad to think of all the “girly” stuff that Jang Miran had to give up to pursue weightlifting as a sports career and being seen not as a woman but a man due to her exceptional strength.

Overall I prefer watching WFKBJ because it’s more lighthearted (it’s like a soft and fluffy marshmallow), as compared to Goblin (more like Iced Americano… bitter and cold but good). Goblin’s OST is really perfect though. I’m still waiting for the release of some of the OSTs in the drama. Can’t wait to watch the next episode of both dramas!


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