Time flies too fast

It’s almost June.

And I haven’t done anything much.

Last week I was down with fever, flu and sore throat, my fever couldn’t subside for days and I was just drowsy and sleepy most of the time. I’ve recovered since then and 2 days ago I was told to go back to school to clear my stuff because the workroom will be undergoing revamp. It was quite heart-warming to see all my colleagues again, to feel that sense of familiarity as I stepped into the staffroom. Nevertheless, I still want to enjoy my holidays – I will be back in school soon and this will take me through the next few years so I better not say I miss going to school now.



I’m finally done with practicum.


To think 5 weeks ago I was still thinking about how to survive practicum. That period was really tough; I was struggling with the enormous workload but teachers around me said “You haven’t experienced the full load of a teacher yet.”

Week 9 was the hardest. Around Week 8-9 I was sleeping at 3am everyday and waking up at 6am (or sometimes earlier, at 5.45am when I had to head to school earlier to fight for the printer to get my worksheets printed for first period). Week 9 was hellish because I had 3 lesson obs, on top of my already crazy timetable, and I had about 120+ SS scripts to mark and 35 compos to mark and return to the students. And I had a pile of worksheets waiting for me to write a “seen” on them since Term 1.

I had no idea how I managed to survive, but life has been great (more or less) post-practicum. It’s starting to get a little boring because there is nothing much to do at home, and staying at home means having to listen to Mummy nag/scold me, asking me to tidy up my room when my room isn’t really messy tbh. (You should see my desk VS my friend’s desk in school, then you’ll know how neat I actually am.)

I’m pretty excited to embark on my new journey as a BT in Term 3 but meanwhile I’m enjoying the stress-free life that I have now.