Last day of 2017

I have tons of work to do but I felt that I should take some time to pen down my thoughts and reflections about this year before the year ends.

Just came back from a staycation at M Hotel with my colleagues and had a blast but work is piling up. It has been a crazy year – I probably say this every year and every year I wonder how I managed to pull through and survive.

This year had a rough start with practicum. When practicum ended in june and when I went back to school as a full-fledged teacher in july, things got a little more manageable yet there were more responsibilities. EOY period was pure madness, I literally marked 24/7, it was worse than chionging homework because if homework isn’t submitted on time, I will bear the brunt of it personally, but returning exam papers on time was a task which I die-die-must-do. Really intensive.

Then Nov and Dec came where it felt like heaven. I was rotting away at home doing nothing but doing nothing is actually the best thing ever. Non-teachers can’t seem to understand why we treasure time doing nothing.

Next year, I am taking on more roles and responsibilities (sadly not voluntarily) including more classes, a different cca and committee.


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