I’ve never dated before.

Even at the age of 26.

I’ve never had the urge to go out and date, even though I’m pretty sure I would say yes if someone asks me out (but no one did).

Initially I was still brushing it off and saying that I don’t need a guy, but at this age, my friends are all married and settled down and the constant probing from my mum to rush me for marriage makes me feel pretty worthless. Unwanted. Un-loved.

2019 has been quite a rough start for me. At work, no matter how hard I tried to be a good teacher, things backfire and problems occur. I find myself getting frustrated and annoyed over trivial matters but I just can’t help it. Even I’m annoyed with myself.

I start to question myself: Is this part of quarter-life crisis or the onset of mild depression… or?


I just did a self-test for depression online and most of the items relate to me. My final score was an 8 out of 23 so I would say it’s still pretty mild and the results suggested that I could be going through some pretty rough time but things will *hopefully* get better.

On my way to self-love then. I should purchase some dried flowers for myself. No girl needs a man to buy her flowers when she can afford to buy on her own.