Noon – Close To You

I came across this song when I was watching 3 Meals A Day with Park Shinhye as the guest. There is another version sung by Olivia Ong but I personally find that this version in the video above sounds more relaxed and laidback.


Keeley Valentino – Nashville

A very beautiful song I heard in the office, thanks to Spotify.

I heard it a few times before, and wanted to know the title so badly, I went to Sam’s desk to ask him for it :)

Death Note: The Musical

Wow, this song sent chills down my spine when I heard it for the first time. I wasn’t expecting a song like this to come from a musical. Musical songs are usually like “opera” but this is so 流行歌曲 LOL XD

I’m a fan of Junsu’s musicals but sadly I only like the songs… I don’t know how to appreciate the plot of the musical! I watched the original German version of Elisabeth but I couldn’t understand the story LOL… it was something about politics….

Music For Rainy Days

The sky’s so gloomy and dark outside, it’s finally going to rain after so many days of 34degC hot afternoons in Singapore. RAIN PLEASE RAINNNNNNNN!!!!

Anyway, I always like it when it rains and I’m cooped up at home, I love the afternoon darkness, that gloominess… the thunder and lightning outside… somehow lightnings appeal to me… they’re so beautiful and bright… So here are some songs which I love to listen to, during gloomy days like this…. Hope you’ll like them too!

James Bay – Let It Go

Passenger – Let Her Go

Matt Wertz – Easier Tonight

Matt Wertz – Somebody’s Gonna Love You

Jeff Bernat – My Dear

If you’re more into quiet, experimental music, you may want to give this album a listen. It’s kinda weird when you listen to it for the first time, it sounds pretty hypnotic and sleep-inducing, but it definitely gives you a sense of serenity and peacefulness.

James Blake Overgrown Album

Or if you’re like me, who prefer to listen to various singers rather than sticking to one singer, you may like this playlist:

This is one of my favorite playlists on 8tracks :D

New Song Recommendations!

I was originally listening to MissA’s new song, Only You, on a playlist when this song played after that. Loved it the moment I listened to it!

A new song that played on the new playlist too. I love this kind of songs which are of a darker genre…


Von is 22!!!

Album Recommendations

Nell is one of my favourite korean indie bands and it is definitely an album I would listen to whenever I’m rushing a report. Strangely enough, although their music is labelled as soft rock, I don’t get distracted by the music. Instead, it allows me to concentrate better on writing my report.

Till this day I still cannot differentiate Nell’s songs, because all their songs sound similar to me haha >< oops. Nevertheless, among all of Nell’s albums, I love this “Separation Anxiety” album the most! No particular reason but I feel that the flow of the tracklist goes better in this.

The next album that I would recommend is this album, by the Milk Carton Kids. This is a full indie album sung in English. I love how their soft vocals are accompanied by simple acoustic chords. Perfect for a sunny afternoon!

I’m listening to this album as I’m typing right now ~ It’s my first time listening to it, but I love it because it’s Standing Egg (aka one of my fav korean indie bands). All their songs have a carefree, cheery vibe, and the main vocalist’s voice sounds so sincere and earnest. Really a good album.

I chanced upon this album by MC Mong a few days ago. I’ve often heard of his name but I’ve never gave his songs a listen (because his name sounds like an underground rapper. Not that I dislike underground rappers but I seldom listen to really badass hiphop songs). Eventually I listened to this album and it felt like a pleasant surprise! This album became one of the best albums I’ve ever heard. I love every single track in this album, especially the chilling interlude “0904” (sung by a little girl with a slightly creepy voice… it’s like how some movies with dolls and clowns scare the hell out of you) and “E.R”, which I found out belatedly that it is a remake of DMTN’s E.R. The remake brought the original song to a whole new level, I loved that cult-ish chorus which was added into the song, and the slow-paced, laidback bass beats that sustained throughout the song.