I’ve moved into my dorm for about a week or so. Last week zoomed past pretty fast cos everything was new to me. Lessons are starting too, my timetable looks like a hectic mess now. But my SS mods haven’t started yet, so I expect my days at NIE to be a lot worse. A LOT BUSIER.

So about my dorm, it’s actually nicer than I expected it to be, having been to Hall 2 once. Hall 16 is also very near NIE so technically speaking, I can wake up just 10 mins before lesson starts (of course I won’t. Everyone goes for lessons SO MUCH EARLIER HERE). Facilities-wise, there’s a gym downstairs but I haven’t had a chance to use it because I haven’t brought my running shoes here. The hall canteen is quite disappointing after I bought a disgusting peanut-butter-coated-la-mian-in-tom-yum-soup thingie for lunch. That was horrible. Staying in hall really makes me appreciate the convenience and comfort I have at home. This is especially true for a lazy person like me. I dread refilling my bottle or even going to the washroom because it means I have to walk to the end of the corridor to do so.

At times I feel quite lonely here, there’s only my cousin and I. And my sis will be flying off to Taiwan in about 2 weeks’ time.

And then there are so many assignments and readings. READINGS. I’m basically suffocating under the amount of readings I have. But these days I’ve been receiving instavids from my ex-students, which really cheer me up! HIM-NAE!

Can’t wait to go home tomorrow. I’m having cramps now and I’m running out of pads. Save Me.



It’s been about 2 weeks in NIE and it feels so long omg…

I’m still adapting to uni life (which I dreaded most) and I’ll be officially moving into my dorm tomorrow. TBH I didn’t enjoy uni life in NUS and I couldn’t wait to get out of it, and now the irony is that I’m back in uni again after I’ve graduated.

Everything about NIE seems so foreign to me, that unfamiliar feeling that I had 2 years ago, back in NUS. Just that NIE feels a bit more disorganised. Blackboard is much messier than IVLE. It makes it difficult for me to keep track of my modules and assignments, like I have to check every now and then to know whats going on. After graduating for a year, I’ve lost all motivation to be a model student and most of the time I feel so lethargic to even start reading my notes. Speaking of which, my EL modules have so many readings!!!! I’m drowning in all my readings (not that I have any motivation to start on them anyway).

I was supposed to move into my hall last week but due to some unforeseen circumstances (i.e. my cousin decided not to move in yet, and it was the start of the lunar 7th month and I didnt have classes on some days) I ended up coming home at night on one of the days when I planned to stay overnight. Hall 16’s location is very good but perhaps my neighbours havent moved in, the hall looks very empty and it could get a little eerie at night, especially if you’re going to the shared toilet.

Apart from that, I need to get my wifi connected to my laptop tomorrow. IF NOT I WILL SUFFER FROM THE LACK OF WIFI IN MY ROOM. BLEH. Not sure how to do so.

NIE July/Aug ’16

Just a quick update of what has happened since my last post.

On 22 July, I left Coral. It was a bittersweet farewell to my colleagues and students. My beloved students from my form class wrote messages on a super huge board and with the CMs, they threw me a surprise pizza party. I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel sad. I was trying to hold my tears back throughout the farewell lunch with them, but when I was alone with my other contract friend in the staffroom, both of us started tearing up.

Anyway, I just had a teambonding activity with my GESL group this morning. It was not as bad as I had expected. No running or vigorous teambonding activities. Which was what I wanted, because I feel too old to be rah-rah like the other uni kids (even though I’m not that old… in fact I’m one of the youngest in my group). Quite excited to start a brand new life, but this feels like uni all over again. To think that I graduated from uni a year earlier to escape from all the studying!

NIE is situated at PULAU NTU, and indeed it takes me 2 hours to travel to school everyday! Perhaps it is because the NTU students have not started lessons yet, the school looks a little depressing due to the lack of students. The NIE canteen isn’t open as well.

I’m a little overwhelmed by the thought of all the workload and school work and projects and I can’t wait for friday. I really need a break cos this week has been really tiring….

I dyed my hair!

Nothing to be excited about since it is my 2nd time using Liese Bubble Hair Dye. My first experience using this hair dye was in 2011 and I remember the colour lasted for quite a few months. As I have tried brown the previous time I dyed my hair, I chose Cassis Berry this time round.

Cassis Berry turned out to be a purplish-reddish kind of colour, not too obvious unless under sunlight, which makes it a perfect colour for me (since I can’t turn up in school with too vibrant hair colours). It’s my first time trying out a reddish colour because I used to associate purplish-red hair colours with “aunties”… but it turned out pretty well, suits me, just that some parts of my hair still remained black even after I left the foam on for an hour. Now my hair looks like I have reddish highlights. But it’s cool and I like it!


No, not drugs.

I’m addicted to Maltesers!!! Why haven’t I discovered this box of goodness earlier!

I bought a box (yes not a pack, a BOX) of Maltesers from a supermarket last week and since then I’ve been nibbling on those little chocs every single day. I’d simply pop one into my mouth and slowly feel the inner honeycomb centre melt against my tongue. Heavenly.


End of Sem 1

Finally the June Hols are here! I guess I’m the only person who doesn’t have any plans for my month-long holiday yet. Everyone’s either going overseas or spending some quality time with their loved ones, and here I am, watching a new korean drama recommended by my friend and chomping on Green Tea flavoured Hello Panda biscuits instead of buying lunch from downstairs.

Last week I received a mail from my principal regarding my enrolment into NIE. I’m glad to announce that I’ll be going for the July-Aug intake this year! WOOHOOOOOOO~~~~~~

While I’m excited to embark on my new journey at NIE after hearing so much about it from my colleagues, I feel quite sad to be leaving my current school. I met SO MANY nice people over there, be it colleagues or students or even the staff in the General Office. I really owe it all to my EL mentor who has really taught me a lot. She’s one of my role models in life and I aspire to be an awesome teacher like her one day!

Then again, there’s my form class. I will really miss them when I’m at NIE. I remember during the first few weeks of school I had no one to eat lunch with, and the girls gladly made space for me at their lunch table and told me to join them for lunch. HOW SWEET ARE THEY. And the boys were also very friendly. Remember how we used to avoid teachers at all cost (pretending to be busy on our phones, gazing up into the sky)? The kids are different. They actually bothered to say hi to me, even outside school. For that, I’m really really grateful.

Happy 23rd!


Last night at around 12plus, my student sent me a birthday wish on snapchat XD my students are really so adorable, they get so excited about my birthday!

When I reached school, a couple of girls wanted to sing me the birthday song but it was during silent reading so I had to shush them. During 2EL class, my kids sang to me! I was so embarrassed but so touched~ they’re all so cute! When we exchanged greetings at the end of the lesson, they greeted “Thank you Ms Teo and have a happy birthday” AWWWWWW

And during HW period my 2/5 kids sang to me again :D they closed the front door, so when I walked in, I was like “hey why you close the door…” and then they went “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU………..” hahaha so sweet right.. so I bought chocolate snacks for them :D

During my break I met Mr ET at the GO. Mr ET shares the same birthday as me, so I said HBD to him and he was kinda surprised and asked me how I knew his birthday. I told him it’s my birthday too and he said “Oh HBD!” Anyway, after that his school clique – mainly the PE teachers and some other guys, bought a birthday cake for him (waa~~~). As I was walking around in the canteen, Mr Ong called out to me. Mr Lee & Mr Ong then tried to light a candle on a piece of cake (actually that slice of cake was the leftover slice from Mr ET’s cake LOL) and then the teachers sang me the bday song. hahaha embarrassing much. At first Mr Lee was confused about the Zodiac thing, he thought Mr ET was 1 round older than me, but we were saying that it might not be, just because we share the same birthday. Anyway it turned out that Mr ET is one round + 1 year older than me lol… but he looks young la. Guys don’t age much. I need anti-ageing products though.

The poly interns + jasmin + grace + wenjie also surprised me with flowers, cards, cakes and gifts! So happy to be surrounded by nice people! Grace, Jasmin and Wenjie are always helping me in school and I feel like I owe them a lot!! And the poly interns are also very nice to me, so I’m trying to help them out as much as I can too!

Very blessed to be surrounded by nice colleagues and students! Students from 3NA also made the effort to greet me along corridors even though I don’t teach them, and I’ve only known them when I was with them at the oral holding room. It always feels good to have students greeting you when you walk around in school or even outside school!

Hans Art Gallere Experience

This post is on my experience at Hans Art Gallere, or more specifically, the lack thereof.

I received a groupon voucher for a 3-Hour art jamming session from my lovely ex-colleagues at Quadmark, who knew I love painting. Initially I was filled with excitement and anticipation since it would be my first time painting on a proper canvas. My artworks are usually on paper because canvas are not cheap!

The entire Sunday morning was spent researching on acrylic painting tips and ideas. Around noon, I headed to Hans Art Gallere (HAG) which is located at McNair Road. Being a complete idiot at reading maps and finding directions, I took a wrong turn and ended up walking further and further from where I was supposed to head to. After a good 20mins, I found myself at McNair Road, but I couldn’t find unit 37. It felt like I was walking in a maze as the shophouses(?)/terraces(?) all looked the same.

Eventually I arrived at HAG and a guy (probably the art teacher i guess) guided me into his(?) studio(?). There were about 3 huge parrots perched on his front porch and I was afraid that they might peck on me or poop on me lol. The so-called “gallere” was about the size of my bedroom, barely enough space to walk. The first thing I noticed when I stepped in was the sound of dogs barking.



I mean the dogs are not caged up or on leashes.

As someone who is very very very afraid of furry moving animals, dogs and puppies are scary to me. YES THEY ARE CUTE but I freak out when they start barking. That was what happened at HAG. The dogs kept barking.

I stood frozen at my spot even though the art teacher told me to take a seat, thinking if I should just run out.

In the end, I just grabbed the canvas and left the place. I decided that I didn’t need acrylic art lessons and neither did I want to stay in that place with so many pets. So that was my traumatic experience at HAG. Make sure you’re a pet-lover if you are intending to head there.

Term 1

Now that Term 1 is coming to an end, I’m feeling kind of nostalgic(?), I don’t want time to pass so quickly even though I’m hoping I can get into July’s intake for NIE.

Time has really flown by too fast. TOO FAST. It’s already Week 10, I’m settling down fine in my school and I still look forward to going to school every day. Initially I was having doubts about whether or not to go for the July intake, but the upcoming merger in 2017 has made me decide to go for the earlier intake.

School’s fine, everyone has been really nice to me, especially my EL mentor. I have really learned a lot from her and she’s probably the friendliest teacher in school. Apart from her, I’ve also made friends with my fellow contract teacher, and a couple of interns and practicum teachers and some BTs (but I’m not really close to this bunch of BTs).

School Days – Revisited

1st Week of school – I remembered going for a camp on the 3rd day of school. It was so abrupt and sudden, I wasn’t told that there would be a camp until I started school on the 1st day. I thought the camp would be quite tiring, but it was actually quite comfortable for us teachers and I got to know my colleagues better during the 3D2N camp.

4th Week of school – So far school has been really fun. I really love interacting with students and most of my colleagues have been treating me very well too. But I do feel a little lonely these days. For me, every day has been school, home, school, home…. #nolife #foreveralone