If I could restart my life…

If I could start all over again, I would have done music and art.

Start learning piano at a young age. Practice hard.

Draw all I want to draw. Learn oil painting. Learn sketching.

I’ve always been a fan of oil paintings, but I couldn’t learn due the exorbitant price of oil painting lessons.

I love drawing though. But only when I’m in the right mood. Otherwise I think drawing is something very draining.

Some of the drawings I did:


Above: First time drawing with a White Charcoal on Black Paper. It was harder than I thought. I had to redraw the lips a few times.


(Above: Charcoal pencils on post-it. First attempt at using charcoal pencils. Very messy because the charcoal bits kept flying everywhere and made a mess on my desk.)


(Above: DIY bag for my mom. Drawn using fabric marker. I was so scared I would screw this up because I had to draw this free hand.)


(Above: Pencil sketch on A4 paper. Took about 2 hours lol. )


(Above: Skull drawn using a black ball-point pen. First time using pen to draw!)